Case Study - LandMark White / Acumentis

Capability lift, ISO 27001 certification secures client confidence.

CXO Security worked with LandMark White / Acumentis to ensure the protection of client data. 

Here is the case study. 

Here is a write up on the business post-breach from CEO Magazine.

""Cybersecurity consulting firm CXO Security worked hand in hand with Acumentis in response to the cyber attacks. CXO introduced the company’s underwriters, reassured clients and was instrumental in helping Acumentis achieve ISO 27001 in record time. It is still a critical partner in the company’s security protocols.

They’re the sort of local Australian organisation where the proprietors aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and sit next to us for months on end, and they continue to work with us to demonstrate the strength of our IT system,” John says. “They were instrumental in helping us respond to the cyber attacks.”


  • Executive Clarity and Control
  • Customer Confidence
  • Market Stability