Cyber Incident Management

If you are unlucky enough to experience a security breach our team of experts will be on hand to carry out a Cyber Incident Investigation and Response. We can also help plan for any future cyber incidents using our Cyber Incident Simulation service, which will help identify any gaps/flaws in your current incident response planning and management protocol.

Confront Cyber-Attacks and Breaches with Confidence with a Tailored Data Breach Response Plan

Cyber-attacks and information security breaches are almost inevitable, and unfortunately, the goal of 100% certainty in security is infeasible and impractical. It then boils down to effective risk management. Being prepared to detect, respond and recover from security incidents is an essential part of this process. If you do not have a comprehensive data breach incident response plan, then it is time to take your data breach management seriously.
The benefits of using CXO Security for your cyber incident management program:

  • Our consultants can help you identify what types of attacks you may expect through threat modelling. In turn, this allows for better detection, response, and recovery planning and will enable you to create a data breach response plan.
  • Our experts can think like malicious actors, thus providing your business with access to skills that would otherwise be prohibitive to hire internally and help you to avoid a cyber incident.
  • Preparation and validation of your response plans, ensuring that they are not only appropriate for the business but will also meet regulatory requirements such as data breach notification giving you cyber security insurance.

Ways in which we can help with your Cyber Security Incident Management and Planning…

From simple preparation of a response plan through to on-tap 24×7 incident response, we have your business covered setting up a cyber security incident management response, in case of a breach of your systems.

Cyber Incident Response Planning
Having a proper plan in place is critical. CXO Security can help to develop or update your cyber incident response planning to ensure that it covers the critical aspects of incident response:

  • Preparation
  • Detection & Analysis
  • Containment, Eradication & Recovery
  • Post-Incident Review

Breach/Incident notifications are incorporated into our planning, and CXO Security will ensure (if applicable) that your business meets Australian Privacy requirements for data and privacy breach notification, as well as GDPR if your company deals with companies in Europe.

Cyber Incident Simulation

Having a good security incident management process is essential in the modern business world. Simulation exercises can be arranged to test various aspects of your incident response planning and management – from having the right people assigned to the right roles and responsibilities, through to ensuring the necessary tools and technologies are in place. CXO Security can help your business identify gaps in the plan as part of the continuous improvement process.

Cyber Incident Investigation and Response

Our team of experts will support or run incident investigation and response efforts, from coordinating response activities as part of the incident response team through to performing technical forensic data analysis of your systems. CXO Security has expertise across the end-to-end process.


Cyber Indemnity Solutions Cyber Indemnity Solutions

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