Penetration Testing

Here at CXO Security, we conduct our penetration testing services through our experienced team of CREST Certified penetration testers. We assist in identifying security issues before cybercriminals can exploit them. Our Penetration Testing services based in Sydney and Melbourne can provide your business with the assurance that your security controls are adequate, as well as improve awareness and understanding of cybersecurity risks. When you employ us as your Penetration Testing company, we assure your solution against our rigorous testing regime. Our results will also support you with APRA CPS 234, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR compliance and third-party reviews. 

We like to show our clients a continuous commitment to security by providing you with the insight to prioritise your future investments in your business or enterprise. Our certified penetration testing specialists are here to help. CREST Certification requires dual-factor recognition, ensuring both the organisation meets specific criteria to support the delivery of penetration testing services and that individuals performing the testing have CREST certifications.


Secure Your Organisation with a Sydney Penetration Testing Company, Consultants You Can Trust

Penetration testing is essential for any Australian company. When a business suffers a cyber-attack, it can have a devastating effect. A Cyberattack is why you need to plan and prepare for such incidents, and you must have safeguards in place. It is impossible to be 100% secure from any attack, which is why being equipped with strategic pen testing services is vital for your business. A penetration testing company such as CXO Security can use the same techniques that real hackers use and find weaknesses in your systems, as well as advise on the best way to respond and recover before you suffer a real cyber-attack.

The benefits of using penetration testing and CXO Security for your business cyber incident management program:

  • CXO Security Penetration Testing consultants will help to identify where potential attacks will come from using a threat modelling technique. Knowing where a threat is likely to come from allows you to implement a strategy to help you quickly detect and recover from a cyber attack.
  • Our highly skilled penetration testing consultants can think like malicious hackers and provide your business with skills that may be prohibitive to hire internally. We have over 20 years of experience in the penetration testing field.
  • We can help prepare and validate a viable response plan to help you set up processes within your business enterprise that will ensure that you not only take the correct actions but also adhere to regulatory requirements in the event of a breach. With continued ongoing support, you know that your systems are going to be in safe hands, whatever happens.

Penetration Testing Service Based in Sydney & Melbourne – Covering all of Australia 

We offer our Penetration Testing service from our Sydney and Melbourne-based offices but also extend our pen testing Australia-wide. It is always best to be prepared for all situations, so hiring the services of a professional penetration testing company will help you to make and plan for any eventuality. There are many ways that CXO Security can help secure your business from a cyber attack. To hire a penetration testing service that can provide you with B2B solutions, you need to protect your company from:

  • Data and security breaches
  • Being hacked
  • Data theft
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Unsecured data 
  • Phishing and social engineering
  • Wireless network vulnerabilities 

Penetration Testing Consultants - Testing and Fixing Your Company’s Vulnerabilities Before Cybercriminals exploit them

If you want to know how cybercriminals can gain access to your critical systems, you need to be able to think like one. Our highly experienced penetration testing consultants have worked on many Penetration Testing projects over the years. We are continually updating our skills and keeping up to date with changes in technology. We can test how vulnerable your company’s network is and show where the weak spots are before someone exploits them. To ensure your business is protected from severe financial loss, you need to conduct regular penetration testing. Regular pen testing is a proactive approach to identifying the most significant vulnerabilities in your companies assets. We can help you test and fix your company’s vulnerabilities with:

  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Network Security Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing 
  • Web Services / API Penetration Testing
  • Cloud-Based Penetration Testing
  • Internal Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Penetration testing

Penetration Testing Offers Independent Assurance of Security Controls

Our Sydney and Melbourne penetration testing specialists can help to ensure that all your security controls are independently tested. This will give the board members and investors peace of mind that your systems are secure. You will also be able to assure your customers that your business responsibly handles data and that all regulations are met.

Penetration Testing Improving Awareness and Understanding of Cyber Security Risks

As well as refining and implementing a risk assessment of your systems via Penetration Testing techniques, CXO Security can also provide education regarding the understanding and awareness of potential risks to your business’s current cyber network. It’s critical to have the right knowledge and awareness of potential cyber threats as well as knowing what to do if an event occurs. This ensures that your systems are appropriately monitored, and strategies are correctly implemented in case of a cyber-attack or breach of your company’s valuable data.

APRA CPS 234, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and GDPR Compliance Via Penetration Testing

CXO Security can not only assist your business in identifying and resolving potential threats through our Penetration Testing expertise but can also help to ensure that your systems and procedures are fully compliant with mandatory regulations. It is essential to make sure that your company’s assets are compliant with regulations such as APRA CPS 234, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and GDPR (for companies dealing with the EU). Keeping these accreditations is not only essential but also giving your clients and customer’s peace of mind. 

For the best pen test experts in Australia, contact us and help keep your business protected from cyber attacks. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

The CXO Security Penetration Testing team will help to identify where potential attacks will come from using a threat modelling technique. Then, our consultants will think like malicious hackers and provide your business with skills that may be prohibitive to hire internally. Lastly, we prepare and validate a viable response which ranks the issues, where they are and how to resolve the risks. The CXO Security Penetration Testing team will ensure that you not only take the correct actions, but you are using the right resources in the right place to prevent a breach.

At CXO Security, our highly skilled Penetration Testing consultants have over 20 years of experience in cyber security. The customised price of a penetration test will depend on your server, systems and applications. To find out more about penetration testing and the costs associated, contact one of our specialists today.

Pentesting is a way to detect and exploit existing vulnerabilities in systems. These assessments are useful for validating the effectiveness of the defence mechanisms of the application and the servers behind it. The fundamental purpose is to assess any consequences that security breaches may have on the data, resources or operations involved. Pentesting quickly detects where the web/mobile/application or solution is most vulnerable, allowing your team to correct risks after the test.

The duration of the penetration testing relies upon on the kind of testing, the sort and wide variety of systems and any engagement constraints. Normal pentests have an average duration time of 1 - 3 weeks.

Our testing specialists will independently test your security controls, to help give the board members and investors peace of mind that your systems are secure. You will also be able to assure all your customers that your business responsibly handles data, as per compliance mandates.

When a business suffers a cyber-attack, it can have a devastating effect, and you need to plan and prepare for such incidents by having safeguards in place. It is impossible to be 100% secure from any attack, so knowing where your weaknesses are, and fixing those weaknesses, is vital for your business survival.