Security Compliance & Gap Analysis

Our ISO 27001 consultants based in our Sydney and Melbourne offices adhere to all the significant security compliance mandates including PCI and ISO 27001, making the ISO 27001 certification a straightforward process. We offer different compliance-related service or package or services to suit your needs, including the flowing: Compliance Scoping, Compliance Gap Assessment, Compliance Strategy and Compliance Remediation Review. CXO Security has Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementers, Lead Auditors, as part of its core team, ensuring our customers reach ISO 27001 compliance.


ISO 27001 and Network Security Compliance and Regulations Consultancy

ISO 27001 compliance mandates are there for a good reason. Aside from requiring the implementation and maintenance of proper security controls, attaining a level of information security compliance to a known and accepted standard allows the business a simple way of communicating their security maturity. Regulatory authorities and customers alike will have confidence in your security controls to protect critical and sensitive information assets and ensure that you are ISO 27001 compliant. See below for details of our ISO 27001 consultancy, compliance risk management, PCI compliance services, and other available services.


Key reasons why you should consider CXO Security for ISO 27001 Consultancy, Implementation and ISO 27001 Audits:


Take the guesswork out of knowing which requirements apply. With a myriad of standards and mandates such as the Essential 8, PCI DSS, NIST, and ISO 27001, just knowing what to address can be a daunting task, and our consultants can ensure that ISO 27001 implementation steps are set out clearly and precisely

Get the visibility you need on the effectiveness and appropriateness of your controls and enable informed decisions on further security-related investments.

Optimise your path to ISO 27001 compliance with a prioritised approach that maximises the value of the controls put in place.

Ways in which our ISO 27001 Consultants and ISO 27001 Audit Service can help…

Whether you already have an IT security compliance program in place and need that bit of extra help from an ISO 27001 consultant or you simply don’t know where to start, CXO Security has a compliance-related service or package or services to suit your needs. An ISO 27001 audit by one of our highly trained assessors can identify all areas which need attention to help ensure that your reach ISO IEC 27001 information security management compliance.


Let Us Put Together an ISO 27001 Audit Report for Your Organisation

Get an understanding of what IT security and ISO 27001 compliance requirements apply to your business before you start taking speculating on the implementation of controls. Determining the nature and scope of compliance requirements can significantly reduce the risk of ineffective spend on security. Your ISO 27001 audit report will help you to create a plan of what needs doing, as well as prioritise which tasks to do first.

Compliance Gap ISO 27001 Assessment

Where the scoping service highlights what needs to be achieved, an ISO 27001 assessment identifies any areas where controls may be lacking to achieve the desired level of ISO 27001 compliance. Gap assessments can be tailored to suit the business and the necessary level of confidence required, from light-touch/quick reviews through to more detailed evidence-based assessments that are akin to true ISO 27001 audits.


ISO 27001 Compliance Strategy from Our Qualified Auditors

A CXO Security advisor and ISO 27001 auditor will provide the guidance necessary to help your business on the path to compliance. From simple prioritisation of projects or tasks through to potential strategic changes to information systems and/or business models, CXO Security’s ISO 27001 consulting can provide you with the expertise you need to make the right choices and reach IT security compliance faster using our ISO 27001 assessment services.


ISO 27001 Compliance Remediation Review

Validate proposed or implemented solutions to verify if they have (or will) address the associated gaps in your ISO 27001 compliance program. Our consultants can assist by reviewing proposed solutions through to technical level review and testing of controls already implemented.



We have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney, but we offer our services throughout the country to some of Australia’s largest corporations and companies, as well as a variety of SME’s. When it comes to ISO 27001 compliance, Australia has no better company than CXO Security to ensure the compliance of your business. When it comes to ISO 27001 Australia there is no more reliable partner that CXO Security, and we like to provide a thorough and comprehensive service. Here is what some of our clients have to say about us.


Cyber Indemnity Solutions Cyber Indemnity Solutions

“CXO Security are important partners of CIS and are without a doubt best of breed in the field of cyber security, monitoring and unique specialised developments in this field. We recommend CXO Security for detailed service and best practice in all aspects of customer service.”

Greg Hodgkiss, CEOCyber Indemnity Solutions


“An excellent, challenging and professional report.”

Geoffrey HoltCEO. ANCIS

Core Security Core Security

“I have known the team at CXO for over 20 years. They are trustworthy, competent and extremely easy to work with.”

CEOCore Security, Japan

DXC Connect DXC Connect

“CXO is responsive, credible and easy to work with. I have been impressed with their wide knowledge of security solutions and how to apply them to solve customer problems.”

Basil Reilly, Sales DirectorDXC Connect

Ferrier Hodgson Ferrier Hodgson

“A wonderful partner with vast experience.”

Stephen Rennick, Executive Director, CyberFerrier Hodgson

Your Client Matters Your Client Matters

“You have been an awesome service provider. You have been prompt, efficient and professional in every dealing. You have solved our problem AND you were happy and patient in explaining everything to a less techy person like me. Your communication throughout the project has been superb.”

Deena Janes, OwnerYour Client Matters

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ISO 27001 certification covers the legal, physical, technical and logistical aspects of cyber security practices. The certification assures you have assessed your risks, have appropriate controls and are monitoring those risks on an ongoing basis.

ISO 27001 is an international standard certification and describes how to manage information security in an organisation. ISO 27001 can be implemented in any type of organisation, private or public, for-profit or non-profit, regardless of the size. It was written by the world's best experts in the field of information security and provides a methodology for implementing information security management in an organisation.

Cyber security compliance establishes risk-based controls to protect the integrity of the information stored, according to a regulatory mandate.

Gap analysis is a method used to assess the company's real outcomes against the desired state. Our ISO 27001 consultants based in our Sydney and Melbourne offices, complete these projects for our clients.